CMMI SVC Level 3 Appraisal


SealingTech recently went through a CMMI Level 3 appraisal for Services. If you’ve never heard of CMMI, it stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration and Level 3 is one of five “Maturity Levels” in the CMMI model, known as the “Defined” level. Essentially, all of our company processes and procedures were reviewed for each of the 22 process areas that CMMI outlines.

This is our second appraisal at Level 3, having successfully been appraised at Level 3 for Development in 2013. As a small but fast-growing company, it’s important to ensure our processes and procedures are keeping pace with our growth. In order to prepare for the CMMI appraisal, we had to evaluate what we were currently doing well and ensure we were repeating that same process each time. The appraisal itself includes not only documentation review but also employee interviews. We grilled our staff for hours under bright spot lights to ensure they could recite our processes word for word…just kidding. The processes were what everyone was already doing so the interviews were easy.

At the conclusion of the appraisal we received a list of the “findings”. Everyone assumes these are terrible and that your company is going to fail if you have any, but in reality, they are just some areas you can improve upon. At the end of the day, CMMI is all about constant improvement. If they didn’t provide you with any areas to improve upon, what kind of model would they be, right?

If you follow us on social media (we’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) you know that we were appraised at CMMI SVC level 3 this past November. We are proud to maintain this accreditation to practice continuous process improvement within our organization.

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