Introducing Compliance Analyst and Executive Administrator Alexis Epps

What was your greatest challenge at SealingTech and how did you handle it?

It is funny that you would say ‘was’ and I still consider this to still ‘be’ a challenge. I have worked within DoD for many years, but never on the tech/cyber side and to learn the acronyms, the software, and hardware in such a brief time is a challenge.

I have been here a year and I still scratch my head every day. I am fascinated at the wealth of knowledge many of my co-workers have about the products and customer requests that we deal with.

What has it been like working at SealingTech

It has a been a huge learning experience. I am excited for the future ahead.

What customers do you support and how?

I am technically not in a customer facing position, but I would like to think due to my roles I support all customers because I support all SealingTech.

Administratively, it is my job to make sure that Ed Sealing, the SealingTech Chief Executive Officer, is organized and attentive to our business needs.

As the compliance analyst, it is my duty to ensure we are properly compliant in what we do. I keep track of the processes and policies, both internally and externally, and deal with our customers.

What team do you support at SealingTech?

As the Executive Administrator, I support the Executive Team, specifically Ed. But my time here has evolved to administrative support wherever needed, mainly handling those within the C-Suite. As the compliance analyst, I support the Chief Operating Officer’s Team.

In your view, what is the future of our business?

Continuing the path, we are on, the sky’s the limit. Staying true to the mission and vision, putting people focus first, and continuing to listen to what the customer needs, will take SealingTech far.

The industry and the world are ever-changing. To keep up with those trends, I work on diversity and equity, understanding the risk and rewards, being creative, staying focused, and providing great service and a high-quality product, along with being consistent to make that happen.

What do you do for fun?

SLEEP! I’m a single parent of a 10-year-old with way more energy than should be allowed.  When I’m not sleeping, I work as a part-time Uber driver for my daughter. She’s at swim practice, basketball practice, and all other appointments she may have. I just enjoy spending time with my daughter more than anything.

As a working mom, often the time we spend is tailored around my work schedule, so if I can get a moment where I can pull her from her PlayStation – then I’ll take it! We enjoy our weekly mommy/daughter dates out and love Disney+.  We’re just getting over Hamilton and the hold it had over my house. Now we’re singing Encanto, but still not discussing Bruno!

NOTE: Alexis can answer any questions you may have about SealingTech at

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