Max Schmidt: From Intern to Product Manager in 3 Years

What was your greatest challenge at SealingTech and how did you handle it?

Over just the last 3 years of my employment at Sealing Technologies, I have been able to experience the company nearly doubling in size. Supporting a larger client base while staying ahead of customer requirements is a difficult and evolving challenge.

Collaborating directly with the Research and Design team as well as the Product team has allowed SealingTech to become the organization it is today, and I am excited to be a part of the growth.

What was it like being an intern at SealingTech?

Being an intern was a very valuable experience because it helped the transition into my first role as an integration tech seamlessly. I gained experience networking on a large scale, and exposure working with the different device systems within the United States Department of Defense (DOD) infrastructure.

Working with the logistics of moving large orders from our warehouses to customers across the country developed the skills required for the management position I am in today.

What customers do you support and how?

Our contracts support all branches of the DOD and various other agencies.

I have been able to provide Hardware, Training and Customer Support to customers, ensuring success with Sealing Technologies products.

What team do you support at SealingTech?

As a Product Manager, I mainly work to support the Research and Design team. I also have the opportunity to assist other SealingTech teams, such as Sales, Production, Customer Support and Project Management.

In your view, what is the future of our business?

Artificial Intelligence and Programmable Network Interface Cards are going to streamline the amount of data that can be processed. Sealing Technologies continues to create more effective tools and innovative solutions that are user friendly, allowing clients to detect and deter adversaries effectively.

What do you do for fun?

On the weekends I enjoy being outside, hanging out with friends and spending time with my dog Enzo.

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