Meet the New Mission Director DCO – Gene Dollarhide

How would you describe your role as Mission Director DCO at SealingTech?

I would describe my role as being responsible with taking care of our team in DCO, so that they can deliver without a doubt the best DCO solutions we have to offer to our customers. This means ensuring our teams have the resources required to meet clear and achievable objectives, they’re empowered to make decisions, and trusted to deliver.

Why did you decide to join SealingTech?

I joined Sealing Tech because I believe we have a set of solutions that represent critical capabilities that can make a difference for our customer. Those solutions are created through the teamwork of high performing people who care about what they do each and every day.

Prior to joining SealingTech, what was your greatest challenge and how did you handle it?

Throughout my life and career, I have had many challenges personally and professionally. I cannot say for sure there has been one greatest challenge over the others, but all of them together have shaped the lens through which I view things now. If I had to choose one to share it would be leading and mentoring cadets at the US Air Force Academy.

A cadet's journey at the Academy is consumed with pressure from academics, military training, physical training, family pressure and peer pressure to name just a few. What I discovered is that it wasn’t for me to tell them exactly how to navigate this journey, but that I should listen and support them in their decisions, so that they can learn through success and failure.

How will you contribute to the SealingTech mission?

Through my experience in the Air Force and time in the industry as an account manager, I bring a perspective and passion that not only compliments our current mission but can also help accelerate it to new heights.

As a fast-growing small company, I want to contribute by taking care of our people, continuing to identify and refine our processes, expanding our solutions, building relationships with customers and partners, and learning/developing new technology.

In your view, what is the future of our business?

The customer and others in the industry including us are moving towards software, automation and AI/ML. Having this running optimally on our hardware as an end-to-end solution is where we can provide real value.

However, I will say there are many other smarter people in the company with their own ideas as well and together we will determine the future of the business.

What do you do for fun?

Right now while I still can I ski and mountain bike. I will caveat the mountain bike part as I do have an ebike, which to me is an evolution of the sport. That’s my way of saying I’m just taking advantage of technology to get an edge on the younger riders.

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