SANS 2018 Holiday Hack Challenge

Here at SealingTech we are proud to have a team of engineers who are constantly challenging themselves and each other at work and in their free time! You may recall several other challenges we have blogged about such as Kevin’s work on the IXIA Breaking Point Network Profiles challenge, or Scott and Tony’s solutions for the Cloudshark Halloween PCAP challenge, and this month we are excited to feature a challenge completed by our own Javier Santos! Javier participated in SANS Holiday Hack challenge over the Holiday season and created an impressive report detailing his work to solve the KringleCon plan and discover who was behind it! 

To accomplish the objective Javier had to complete a handful of challenges that required a broad spectrum of skills which posed an impressive feat. His excellent work led him to solving the challenge, and his writeup of the processed (attached below) is spectacular in detailing his work, with a few great Die Hard references thrown in.  

Check out the attached document to read Javier’s great work, and discover who was behind KringleCon 2018



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