Security risks vary, and so does your environment. Are you in Control?

Quark Obscurity allows you to set up and manage custom environments. Set system-wide global environment rules, create custom variable types, and preview media captures. Feel safe and assured that we care about your privacy and security. SealingTech will never retain or sell any information from Quark Obscurity.

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Create, view, and manage custom environments for your device and assign custom variables to fit your needs.

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Global Environments

Create Global Environments to set rules and restrictions that stay enforced on your personal device.

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Set common configurations from your Variable Type feature and access from any custom environment

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Save and access media captured from custom-set variables using your device's capture features.

Create your Environment

To create your Environment, select from over 18 Device Restrictions. Configure Rules, to monitor Events, trigger Actions, and choose which apps to disable from your device launcher by adding them to the Disabled Apps list. Set Firewalled Apps to prevent app communication with the Internet, add VPN profile(s) and restrict Wi-Fi Networks.

Choose to switch manually between Environments or automate by pre-configuring Rules into the Global Environment

Automate your Global Environment

Variables are pieces of information that are meant to be shared and reused throughout environments. They help configure rules and may be used to define MDM restriction.

Choose from over 18 Variables to use in your Global Environment to automatically switch between pre-preconfigured profiles.

You can create Variables to hold your trusted Wi-Fi Networks or the location of your workplace.

Set custom Variable types to control your environment

With Quark Obscurity, you will be able to set common configurations from a list of variables utilizing features present on your device. Set these variables to your custom environments to trigger secure actions, receive notifications, and access media captures.

All App List
Select apps from a list of all apps installed on device, including system apps.

App Item
Select a single app from the apps available from the App Launcher

Text Notifications
User provided text notifications (and text message monitor/action if available)

Network SSID
Select a specific WiFi network SSID

Camera Lens
Select a single camera lens to use

Camera Lenses
Select a list of camera lenses to use

Configure a named location within a specified radius using Google Maps

Select a specific time on the clock

Select a specific date from the calendar

Configure duration for up to 31 days

Short Duration
Configure an amount of time up to 2 minutes

Days of the Week
Select specific days of the week

Scan and name an NFC tag

Select a value from 0-100% based on battery value monitor

Small Number
Select a number from 1-10 based on lock screen monitor

Audio Clip
Select and audio file

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Android Robot

Available for Android Mobile Devices

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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