We are a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) that provides cutting edge research, development, and implementation services in the areas of cybersecurity including Engineering & Architecture, Test & Evaluation, Piloting & Prototyping, Integration & Logistics, Training & Exercises, and Operations. We proudly maintain a strong reputation within the DoD for providing effective solutions throughout the entire engineering life-cycle. Our team of knowledgeable, subject matter experts have demonstrated years of superior performance and maintain proven capabilities. We hold a Top Secret Facility Clearance, appraised at a CMMI Dev Maturity Level 3, and have a Research and Development Lab within our Headquarters.
Our Mission
At SealingTech we strive to provide cutting edge research, engineering, and integration services in the areas of cybersecurity and cloud computing. Our goal is to utilize expertise in these fields to support the Federal Government and private industries in accomplishing their objectives in the most efficient and secure manner. We promote an internal culture of professionalism, competency, and creativity that provides our customers with the best possible services and products we can deliver at a cost that is reasonable and fair. We make every effort to contribute our work and experiences back to the community in the form of open source software, best practices, and guides.
Our supportive environment is proactive and purpose driven to execute the mission. To encourage openness and foster trust, our team strives to adapt, evolve, and inspire ideation amongst our customers and team members. We maintain an openness to alternative ideas, an inquisitiveness to understand various perspectives, and a recognition of the value of contributions.
Our synergized process is agile, meticulous, and flexible allowing us to scale up to any size client and minimize nuisance and time. To support the mission, our team is empowered to make decisions and eliminate impediments to cultivate creativity and productivity. We embrace that each project is unique in its challenges and avoid project generalizations in order to administer organization wide support.
Our foundation is built upon the competence of our team, where each member is devoted, passionate, and diligent in tackling challenges through self-sustained learning and adept credentials. To promote continuous growth, our team thinks progressively and possesses the ability to look beyond the now and formulate strategies for future success. We make it our priority to be equipped with the proper tools and knowledge, and if the tools do not exist, we’ll craft our own.


“As our society becomes more mobile and information-driven, the systems they rely on are more interconnected, thus increasing their risk exposure. To better combat these threats, SealingTech leverages open source distributed processing and storage software to build near real-time   systems, analytics-based intrusion detection to identify anomalies, and gap analysis to define security compliance that ensures our customers have situational awareness of their domain.”
                                        – ED SEALING, PRESIDENT AND CEO