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    SealingTech answers the call by providing a value-added service that rapidly modernizes the network's edge. Our ISO-9001 processes and specialized templating improved our customers' quality, capabilities, and consistency.

Last year alone, SealingTech touched more than 20,000 devices over 112 contracts with eight customers.

Since our enterprise modernization efforts began, SealingTech has garnered far-reaching industry experience that even our closest competitors do not have. Although SealingTech's Enterprise Modernization Center processed 20,401 and IUID labeled 16,430 devices and completed 160 total shipments to 138 CONUS and 22 OCONUS locations in 2022 alone, what truly makes us stand out is how rapid, secure, efficient, and quality assured we are. In addition, SealingTech has the knowledge and unique practices to rapidly architect and deploy modern technologies to our customers.

By working with SealingTech, our customers benefit from the following:

  • Ability to pre-configure hundreds of devices at a time.
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Maintained configuration management across the entire multi-site enterprise
  • Agile and efficient processes, due to our templates and automated processes
  • Single source/location for systems management, including inventory, DOA testing, IUID labeling, bundling, and shipping
  • Reduced installation time and resources on site.
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Other Capabilities:

Engineering & Architecture

Our cyber defense engineering and architecture capabilities are designed to determine the feasibility of tomorrow's scalable enterprise solutions.
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Testing & Evaluation

Our team provides support to bridge the gap between development and training. We automate security testing across the full enterprise.
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Piloting & Prototyping

To ensure that the DoD maintains a tactical advantage in cyberspace, they need to be equipped with the latest hardware and software solutions.
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Training & Exercises

We provide hands-on training and simulations designed to simulate real-world scenarios, allowing warfighters to practice defending against potential threats.
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Cyber Operations

SealingTech provides innovative cyber operations solutions to help safeguard our nation against adversaries.
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