SealingTech optimizes networks and systems.

Sealing Technologies (SealingTech) is a leader in cutting-edge research, products, engineering, and integration services in the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud Industries.


Defensive Cybersecurity Operations (DCO)
SealingTech develops agile and tailored cybersecurity solutions for the Department of Defense (DoD). Unlike larger entities, our advantageous size lets us swiftly navigate the design, prototype, and production phases – ensuring rapid innovation and customer customization. We build systems from the ground up, providing seamless alignment with your operational needs while maximizing effectiveness.
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Secure Enterprise Modernization
SealingTech upgrades legacy systems; moves to cloud infrastructure; and deploys new prevention, detection, and mitigation technologies for large enterprises.
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Security Enhanced Information Sharing (SEIS)
SealingTech supports the federal government and private enterprise with designing and implementing novel and secure ways for their classified systems and networks to store and access data. A proven cybersecurity leader, we build next generation solutions for high threat environments and are experts in developing secure solutions for information sharing.
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Balancing User Needs with Security Requirements and Risk

Difficulties often arise when selecting security controls that can result in reduced performance or useability of your system. In certain…

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Press Release

SealingTech Powers Up Missions with Its SN 4500

COLUMBIA, MD (May 7, 2024) — Sealing Technologies (SealingTech), a Parsons Company (NYSE: PSN) ramps up production of its SN…

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Eurosatory 2024

EUROSATORY offers a unique opportunity to meet manufacturers and start-ups from all over the world, along with public and private…

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SN 5000 Series Edge Computing Node

The 5000 Series Edge Computing Node has all the computing power of our 7000 series, but even more portability. Weighing in at a mere 9.6 pounds, the SN 5000 still has up to 2TB of memory and is transportable in a rugged case that fits in a commercial plane's overhead compartment.

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