SealingTech Automated Kit Deployment (STAKD)

Fly Away Kit tool installation with a push of a button.

The SealingTech Automated Kit Deployment (STAKD) is a front-end web interface for running Ansible automation scripts and managing infrastructure deployed to the SealingTech Cyber Fly Away Kits.

Designed to run in an offline environment in a modular fashion, it allows operators to choose from a list of tools and have them installed and configured with the push of a button quickly and easily. Single node and clustered kits are supported.

3-Click Deployment

    • Downloads packages and repositories onto a laptop for offline deployments
    • Configures zero-touch deployment for switches
    • Deploys VMWare on analytics nodes
    • Deploys ELK/Hive
    • Deploys Security Onion on the sensor nodes
    • Supports additional virtual platforms
    • Configures boundary firewall automatically

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