Cutting edge computing performance in a compact, highly mobile platform.

Edge Computing Server Nodes

As technology continues to evolve, so do the challenges and needs of those who utilize it. SealingTech recognized the need for cutting-edge computing performance in a compact, highly mobile platform, so we developed our line of edge computing nodes.


SN 3100

The SN 3100 is a highly flexible device that empowers users to bring their workloads to the Edge in a highly portable case fitting easily in a backpack or a rack in an airline compliant carry-on case.
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SN 3100 XP

The state-of-the-art SN 3100 XP node is designed with modularity in mind, allowing for flexible configurations to accommodate varying size, weight, and compute power (SWaP) requirements of end users.
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SealingTech SN5000

SN 5000

Provides innovative cybersecurity solutions that modernize, protect, and defend the networks and systems of the Federal government and private industries.
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SN 5100

Building on the SN 5000 and customer demands, the SN 5100 introduces a PCIe Gen5 system with up to 84 cores in a 1U portable form factor.
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SN 7000

Designed to handle large amounts of data and a compact 2U server, The 7000 Series Edge Computing Node. Data Center performance on the go.
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SN 7100

Building on the SN 7000 and incorporating customer feedback, the SN 7100 is a 2U portable edge server with PCIe Gen5 and up to 128 cores!
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GN 7000

An advanced version of the SN 7000 designed for AI/ML edge computing, SealingTech's GN 7000 analytics node.
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SN 8000

The SN 8000 packs a powerful Intel Xeon D 20-core processor and up to 512GB of RAM into a 2U chassis to provide ample room for over half a petabyte of storage.
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SW 2050

The SW 2050 is an excellent choice for customers who need a reliable and efficient networking solution.
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SW 2100

The SW 2100 is a reliable and high-performance choice for customers who require a compact yet powerful networking solution.
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Custom Fly-Away Kits

True Tactical Edge Computing Platform

SealingTech CFLAK

SealingTech Server Nodes provide clustering, high performance, high-availability and resiliency, capable of delivering an automated, rapid, hyper-converged, virtualized/containerized platform with large capacity storage.

Fits in the overhead compartment of commercial airplanes.

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