Custom Fly-Away Kits

Our Cyber-Fly-Away Kit has everything a cyber defender needs to efficiently achieve mission success. Included are SealingTech servers, network switches, network taps, firewalls, and more. Along with automated software infrastructure, SealingTech provides a cohesive solution geared towards aiding Cyber Operations.

SealingTech CFLAK

Built with cutting-edge technology to perform within a highly mobile, compact platform

The design of SealingTech's solution is thorough, reasonably priced, easy to handle, and quickly deployable. The C-FLAK modular solution is created using common hardware, open-source software, and SealingTech's years of experience, allowing Cyber Defenders to benefit from its capabilities.

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Constructed to support your mission requirements for Defensive Cyber Operations, SealingTech's own MVP Fly Away Kits. Designed for easy transport and quick setup, these units can consist of our 3000 and 7000 Series Edge.

Complete with server nodes, a 100G backbone and automated software infrastructure.

  • Cost Efficiency - The system employs readily available hardware components and open-source software.
  • Agility - Operators are able to mix and match to create a customized system adapting to mission needs
  • Versatility - Easily transition to next gen cybersecurity on a rapid cycle while still delivering quality to end users
  • Workload Optimization - Provides Cyber Defenders with robust power and storage capabilities that are optimized for their mission-critical operations.
  • Rugged Case - Easy to transport as a carry-on storage with most commercial airlines (22.0 inches in length, 13.8 inches in width, and 9.0 inches in height. And approximately 40lbs per case)
  • Risk Mitigation - Offers superior process management, modularity, and real-time monitoring to enhance performance and flexibility.
  • Automation - Continuous Delivery pipelines to streamline the software development lifecycle
  • Risk Management Framework - Provides protocols for authorization processors
  • Complete Solution - Capable of being up and running in 60 minutes or less.


Defensive Cybersecurity Operations
SealingTech delivers a holistic turnkey cyber defense solution that equips users with everything they need to protect and defend their networks and systems.
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Secure Enterprise Modernization
SealingTech upgrades legacy systems; moves to cloud infrastructure; and deploys new prevention, detection, and mitigation technologies for large enterprises.
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Security Enhanced Information Sharing
SealingTech plays a major role in heightening the ability of the federal government to protect critical infrastructure and securely access and transfer classified information.
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