Open Source Contributions

Expandable Defensive Cyber Operations Platform (EDCOP)

EDCOP was built in our R&D facility from the ground up by our engineers for community contributions and growth! This platform was developed with expandability in mind. It is built on-top of Docker, the industry leader in container architecture, and driven by Kubernetes, the industry leader in container orchestration.

Kubernetes was designed to deliver container web app services at a global scale. Our engineers are leveraging it in ways never seen before, to do high performance packet processing.

Working on some of the largest network security architectures, our team experienced, some of the deficiencies prevalent around many of the largest network security architectures in the world. EDCOP was created to bridge the gap in security and platform integrations without sacrificing architecture integrity. We hope that as the EDCOP user community and contributions grow for everyone to benefit from!

Certifiable Linux Integration Platform (CLIP)

CLIP is an open source tool that provides both an integration environment and the security underpinnings on which developers can build cross-domain solutions and more.

  • A base platform with strong security features: A trimmed down open source SELinux policy and automatically configuring a system to achieve compliance with high security requirements allowing developers to fully focus on securing the extra bits and pieces they add on top.
  • Streamlined integration: Various system components can be rolled into a complete solution by combining Red Hat’s® industry-standard software and solution-specific sources.

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