SN 7100

Building on the SN 7000 and incorporating customer feedback, the SN 7100 is a 2U portable edge server with PCIe Gen5 and up to 128 cores!

SN 7100 Front Leftfacing Web

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A substantial increase from the previous max of 64 cores in the SN 7000. PCIe Gen5 allows for the latest network interface cards, memory speeds, drive speeds, and overall system efficiency.

Equipped to handle the most demanding tasks, the SN 7100 supports up to 5 PCIe cards, granting users the freedom to install cutting-edge hardware accelerators like FPGAs or high-speed network cards reaching up to 200Gbps. With up to 600TB of SSD storage, the SN 7100 allows for the seamless capture of vast amounts of information at high bandwidth and for extended durations.


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