Defensive Cybersecurity Operations

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    SealingTech delivers a holistic turnkey cyber defense solution that equips users with everything they need to protect and defend their networks and systems. We are uniquely positioned to equip, train, operate and assess with our understanding of cyber warfare.

Cyber Defense Solutions

From back of napkin idea to building and testing to training and integration, and even through sustainment: SealingTech provides a white glove service along every step of the solution journey.

Our capabilities include:

  • Scenario-based training
  • One-click automation integration
  • Customized hardware, software, and operations solutions
  • Risk Management Framework
  • ATO (Authorization to Operate) Compliance
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Other Mission Areas

Secure Enterprise Modernization
SealingTech upgrades legacy systems; moves to cloud infrastructure; and deploys new prevention, detection, and mitigation technologies for large enterprises.
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Security Enhanced Information Sharing
SealingTech plays a major role in heightening the ability of the federal government to protect critical infrastructure and securely access and transfer classified information.
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