Security Enhanced Information Sharing

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    Information sharing is essential to the protection of critical infrastructure and to furthering cybersecurity for our nation. SealingTech plays a major role in heightening the ability of the federal government to securely access and transfer classified information.

Cross Domain Solutions

Our experts can design and develop secure, Linux-based cross-domain solutions. Drawing on our experience as both solution developers and our role in the accreditation process, we reduce the technical and financial risks associated with developing these unique systems. Contact us about:

  • Security Architecture Design
  • Development and Integration on Linux and SELinux Solutions
  • Security Enhanced Linux
  • Lab-Based Security Assessment Support
  • SELinux Training
  • Raise-the-Bar Compliance
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Open-Source Contributions

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We develop open-source software designed to meet the intense demands of our partners, including the Department of Defense. Our open-source approach to software development informs the SealingTech culture, and is an important part of our work toward the advancement of future technology. Our featured open-source projects include:

  • Security Enhanced Linux
  • Certifiable Linux Integration Platform (CLIP)
  • SELinux Policy Analysis Notebook (SPAN)

Other Mission Areas

Defensive Cybersecurity Operations
SealingTech delivers a holistic turnkey cyber defense solution that equips users with everything they need to protect and defend their networks and systems.
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Secure Enterprise Modernization
SealingTech upgrades legacy systems; moves to cloud infrastructure; and deploys new prevention, detection, and mitigation technologies for large enterprises.
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