SN 3100 XP

The state-of-the-art SN 3100 XP node is designed with modularity in mind, allowing for flexible configurations to accommodate varying size, weight, and compute power (SWaP) requirements of end users.

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The new XP form factor allows for more flexible and adaptable configurations of this portable server. Whereas the SN 3100 is focused on being a side-by-side rack-mountable unit, the SN 3100 XP can accommodate SATA drives, multiple NVMes, Half Height PCIE, and GPU card configurations. The SN 3100 XP with a Tophat can be equipped with 60TB of NVMe removable storage and a half-height PCIE card, or up to 90TB of NVMe removable storage. The motherboard that powers the SN 3100 XP utilizes a Xeon D processor that has integrated Intel Deep Learning Boost, Intel QuickAssist Software Acceleration, Intel Total Memory Encryption, Intel Crypto Acceleration, and more.

Use this small form factor server in any place the size of a ream of copy paper could fit. This system can easily be integrated within or on top of a server rack, under a desk, or within larger kit configurations as a robust sensor platform, or to augment data analysis and continuous monitoring during hunt operations and incident response activities.


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