Sealing Technologies Introduces Both the SW 2050 Switch and SN 3100 Server Node 

Columbia, MD.  January 24 – Sealing Technologies, Inc. (SealingTech), a veteran-owned business that provides innovative cybersecurity solutions, announces the SW 2050 switch and a SN 3100 server node. Both products join a slate of ground-breaking cybersecurity products that ensure our warfighters have the best technology to defend our nation from cyber threats.

SealingTech’s SW 2050 switch is ideal for missions where both a small form factor and multiple high throughput network connections are necessary. An upgrade to SealingTech’s SW 2000 – which was released in August 2021 – the slightly larger-in-size SW 2050 fits easily in a carry-on compliant case, and is ONIE-bootable with support for open-source operating systems. Like its predecessor, it includes:

  • 18x 10/25 Gbps SFP+/SFP28 ports
  • 4x 100 Gbps QSFP+/QSFP28 ports

The SW 2050 can align side-by-side with another switch or SealingTech’s SN 3100 node in a 1U form factor.

The SN 3100 node provides users the ultimate flexibility to bring their workloads to the Edge. Transported in either a backpack, or racked in an airline compliant carry-on case, the SN 3100 allows users to securely travel with critical data within sight. Designed with operators in mind, the node’s full tool-less removable storage and memory support quick swaps or removal of key components in the field. It weighs just 5 pounds and boasts PCIe Gen-4 speeds and 25G SFP+ connections.

“Our engineering designs, thermal simulations, and production quality continue to improve, and these are some of our best products yet,” said Ed Sealing, founder and CEO of SealingTech. “We have a rapidly growing roster of cybersecurity and edge compute solutions that allow for easily transporting datacenter-grade technology to the edge. The SN 3100 and SW 2050 affirm our dedication to today’s warfighters who need the very best in the field.”

SealingTech is expected to release a custom-designed 3U case later this year. The carry-on compliant case provides increased flexibility and reduces the SWaP requirements. The case will allow the SN 3100 and SW 2050 to fit side-by-side in a 1U form factor along with other SealingTech or 3rd party OEM products. Designing the case around the end user, high-strength aluminum provides weight savings, internal protection and longevity.

For more information about the SW 2050, visit For more on the SN 3100, visit

About Sealing Technologies, Inc

SealingTech is a Veteran Owned Business that rapidly delivers innovative cybersecurity solutions that modernize, protect, and defend the networks and systems of the Federal Government and private industries. SealingTech’s vast cyberspace experience and knowledge provides cutting-edge research, engineering and integration services that support the United States and its allies. For additional information, visit

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