Sealing Technologies Announces its CASTLE Program

Columbia, MD. February 23 - Sealing Technologies, Inc. (SealingTech), a veteran-owned business that provides innovative cybersecurity solutions, has launched the SealingTech CASTLE Program, an internship program for individuals in the cybersecurity and engineering space. CASTLE stands for Cyber Advancement for Students, Leaders and Engineers.

The SealingTech CASTLE Program is essential to developing the future of the cybersecurity industry, and we are excited to offer it to individuals who are passionate about learning and growing in the field.

The CASTLE Program, which kicks off this May with the initial intern class, will work with our existing teams on meaningful projects that will provide a focused and immersive experience in designated areas of expertise, as well as exposure to the entire company operations. Projects include AI/ML coding in Python; writing automated deployment software in Ansible; prototyping and testing of new products; and manufacturing and assembly of servers, storage, and networking into finished SealingTech products.

Interns will be exposed to various functions across SealingTech to provide a full understanding of a fast-growing cybersecurity company’s operations. In addition to hands-on training, the paid internship includes mentorship and guidance from experienced personnel in the field, presentation/public speaking practice, mock interview prep and resume review/assistance.

“SealingTech’s internship program has always been one of our best drivers of new talent,” said Founder and CEO Ed Sealing. “We’re committed to their success and know bringing this program to a new level will make a difference for the up-and-coming workforce, which will need to defend against cyber threats.“ Ten percent of SealingTech’s current workforce began their careers as SealingTech interns.

“Our culture is built on our extremely talented team,” said Director of Human Resources Tracy Tippie. “Our members are devoted, passionate and diligent at tackling challenges through learning and experimenting. The CASTLE Program will help young people think more progressively and equip them with the proper tools and knowledge to help advance the cybersecurity field.”

We look forward to welcoming innovative and enthusiastic individuals to the program and are confident they will significantly contribute to SealingTech and the greater cybersecurity industry.

For more information on the CASTLE Program and to see current internship opportunities, please visit

About Sealing Technologies, Inc

SealingTech is a Veteran Owned Business that rapidly delivers innovative cybersecurity solutions that modernize, protect, and defend the networks and systems of the Federal Government and private industries. SealingTech’s vast cyberspace experience and knowledge provides cutting-edge research, engineering and integration services that support the United States and its allies. For additional information, visit

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