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What you’re risking with a legacy system – and how to manage change securely

The longer a company uses an older computer system, the more risk they take on before it ultimately fails. That’s why legacy system modernization is so crucial. Whether a company…

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Happy Anniversary, SealingTech Georgia Office!

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the opening of our SealingTech office in Augusta, Georgia! Since its inception, our Georgia team has worked tirelessly to help deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions…

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Employee Spotlight: Q&As with SealingTech Talent!

Kim Nagy Program Manager – Defensive Cyber Operations In honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to introduce you to one of the many amazing women here at SealingTech. If…

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Computational Fluid Dynamics within SealingTech Servers

–  By Austin McAlexander SealingTech is proud to provide our customers and mission partners with industry leading carry-on compliant server hardware while maintaining the performance characteristics of traditional data center…

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A Series of Fortunate Events – The Birth of Fly Away Kits: SealingTech from then to now 

When SealingTech began as a cybersecurity company in 2012, we solely offered ‘technical engineering services.’ As one of our first contracts, we were working with the JRSS (Joint Regional Security…

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The Importance of Compliance in Cybersecurity

More than ever, cybersecurity, as an industry and as a field, has been growing exponentially in terms of the workforce and reach. From commercial and conglomerate entities such as banks,…

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DCO: Do You Know What Your Network Security Systems are Looking For?

Over the past 3 years, I have been supporting Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) capabilities for various Department of Defense (DoD) customers, along with an additional 7 years within Network Security…

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CEO Cyber Session: Why SealingTech has Grown Exponentially for 10 Years

Look back to May 29, 2022 – SealingTech just celebrated its first decade in business. In those 10 years, SealingTech has been blessed with exponential growth due to the technological,…

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The Growth of Social Media and Our Collective Arrival at an Event Horizon of Calamitous Impact

Social Media and a Different Perspective In the cybersecurity landscape – cyberscape – information dominance is the key to obtaining the “keys to the kingdom,” as the saying goes. For…

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