Happy Anniversary, SealingTech Georgia Office!


BY Beth Lacey Gill

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the opening of our SealingTech office in Augusta, Georgia! Since its inception, our Georgia team has worked tirelessly to help deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions that modernize, protect, and defend the networks and systems of the Federal Government.

To honor their milestone, we interviewed Georgia team members, Systems Engineer Michael Michael (affectionately known as M2) and Security Engineer Zach McElroy, about their efforts to better equip and train cyber defenders.

Q: You two have been here since the office opened in 2021. What was the first day like?
ZM: Originally, the office space was just barren. Just six desks and six chairs in a glass box. Now we have a server rack, equipment, and Dr. Pepper!

Q: What does SealingTech’s Georgia office primarily focus on? Can you tell us about the first project the team worked on?
M2: Our core efforts support the Army customer on Deployable Defensive Cyberspace Operations Systems – Modular (DDS-M) (a.k.a., our Fly-Away Kits). Our office was stood up to support the DDS-Mv1 contract, and we are now moving into the DDS-Mv2 contract.
ZM: It has been incredibly beneficial to have the ability to rapidly and locally support the customer at Fort Gordon (which houses the United States Army Signal Corps, United States Army Cyber Command, and the Cyber Center of Excellence), where we also provide Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) training.

Q: What has been the team’s biggest accomplishment so far?
M2: Certainly, our biggest accomplishment would have to be the direct support to DDS-Mv1 for two years. We have conducted 16 “new equipment trainings” on their fly-away kits, provided two years of outstanding service supports that are still used every day, and performed field support when needed.

Q: How does the work the Georgia team does impact cyber warriors in the field?
M2: The Augusta team is made up of former service members that firsthand understand the difficulties the cyber warriors endure. Our work to provide top-notch solutions and memorable trainings for them makes their jobs safer and more efficient, and in turn helps protect all of us.

Q: What has been your most memorable day in the Augusta office?
ZM: “There’s never a dull day in Georgia” is one of our sayings here, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific day. We’re doing serious work here, with an incredibly important mission.

Q: How is it working with the Georgia Cyber Center (GCC)?
M2: It’s great. Having a partnership with the GCC allows us to rapidly secure conference space for customer engagements, trainings, and sales demos. Since the GCC is where the combined talent of government, academia, and industry solve complex cybersecurity challenges, it’s a productive place for us to work from. There’s unprecedented collaboration and innovation here.

Q: Can you remind us of the stellar staff members who support the Georgia office? Let’s put names with their faces.
ZM: There are five of us currently. Dan Malone is the DDS-M program manager. Chris Russell, Michael Michael, and I (Zach McElroy) are engineers. Justin Hunsaker is a solutions architect. Currently, everyone in the office is retired Army, and a tradition we have all embraced is the lifestyle of no longer being required to shave. We all have beards now. LOL.

Q: What can we expect over the next two years from the SealingTech team in Augusta?
M2: The Georgia office is excited to support the DDS-Mv2 program and the next evolution of fly-away kits!

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