Sealing Technologies Inc. Welcomes Quark Security Inc. & Their Cyber Security Experts

COLUMBIA, MD – Sealing Technologies Inc. (“SealingTech”) has officiated the acquisition of Quark Security Inc. (“Quark”), as of Friday, December 6th, 2019. SealingTech and Quark will be working to unify their expertise and development practices with their engineering, integration, sales, and business management teams through the merging of networks, financial systems, and contracts. As leading providers in defensive cyber and cloud-computing industries, both companies share a vision to secure a more prosperous future.

The SealingTech Mission

SealingTech maintains a strong reputation within the Department of Defense by providing engineering lifecycle support services, production consistency, and program management. They have a broad portfolio and hold a Top Secret Facility Clearance, hold a CMMI SVC/3 appraisal, and are equipped with a Research and Development Lab within their headquarters.

Founder and CEO of Sealing Technologies, Inc., Ed Sealing welcomes Quark saying, “We welcome the Quark Security team to the SealingTech family with open arms and look forward to working with them to continue to solve the Nation’s most critical cyber challenges.”

Introducing Quark

Brandon Whalen, Quark’s co-founder and CEO, has been named the COO of SealingTech. Quark, a cyber security solutions provider based in Columbia, MD, was founded in 2013 by an innovative team of committed technology experts with deep-rooted security backgrounds in Security-Enhanced Linux and Security Enhancements for Android™. Quark’s flagship product, Quark Security Shield, is a key component on the DMCC classified devices provided by DISA.

A Unifying Solution

With the acquisition of Quark, SealingTech can enhance and expand its overall mission and capabilities. SealingTech is working to integrate Quark’s expertise and capabilities to provide its customers with a complete cybersecurity solution, capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow, today. Both share a common goal: to use their extensive, cumulative knowledge to solve information assurance problems facing the commercial companies and government agencies within the federal sector. Collectively, their missions align in contributing to the Open Source communities by providing solutions within mobile, cross-domain, and critical infrastructure security problems to an ever-growing client roster.

About Sealing Technologies, Inc

Sealing Technologies, a Parsons Company (NYSE: PSN), rapidly delivers innovative cybersecurity solutions that modernize, protect, and defend the networks and systems of the Federal Government and private industries. Proudly veteran-founded, SealingTech uses vast cyberspace experience and knowledge to provide cutting-edge research, engineering, and integration services that support the United States and its allies. For additional information, visit

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