Meet Danielle Chinnici, SealingTech Accounting Manager


Corporate headshot of Danielle wearing a purple shirt and black blazer on a white backdropWhat team do you support at SealingTech?
I support the Accounting and Finance team at SealingTech.

What was your greatest challenge at SealingTech and how did you handle it?
I think one of my greatest challenges is trying to understand what information is most critical for management and presenting that information in a succinct way. In my department, we have a lot of numbers, ratios and other data we can present, but – if we present all of it – that will result in an overload of information. Instead, I try to listen to the needs of management and cater the information to the items that are of greatest importance/necessity to them.

What has it been like working at SealingTech?
It is a very fast-paced environment. From an accounting standpoint, we have a lot of moving pieces from the programs that our teams support and inventory, as well as transactional work. Many of these items have a financial component. The environment keeps me on my toes and has made me a better accountant.

What customers do you support and how?
One of my responsibilities is the invoicing for the entire company. I invoice for every program and project. Many times, I’m not interacting with the customer, but the accounting department.

In your view, what is the future of our business?
SealingTech has so many exciting projects, I have seen programs go from the bidding stage through to award, and then growing that program after the award. I think the sky is the limit for SealingTech.

We have incredible people in the organization that are very passionate about cybersecurity, supporting the DoD, and who are skilled engineers (as well as many talented non-engineers).

Combining those two things will create endless opportunities for our employees and give added value to our customers, which is something that we strive to do.

What do you do for fun?
I love to go hiking and I’m learning to golf.

What do you think makes Sealing Tech a unique environment to work in?
I think being in an environment where I am surrounded by people who are coming up with innovative solutions for the DoD, encourages my department to think analytically. We apply our accounting and finance knowledge to give better insight into our financial condition and strategy, which makes the work environment very unique from an accounting perspective.

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